8 Ways to Use Graphic Design to Increase the Appeal of Your Business's Website

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Creating a website is crucial to a business's ability to connect with the people of the world. However this could easily go downhill by not keeping the web page updated and attractive. When looking at a web page, many wish to see a bit of color or something to attract their attention. The biggest turn offs for viewing a web page can either be that it is only a block of text, or that it could be much too busy.

  1. One must stay constant in the branding. This helps the user to be able to recognize what the business is about. A company that serves coffee may have a picture of a coffee cup in the background, and another may have a simply drawn coffee cup somewhere in the logo. They may keep the consistency going by taking a photo with the coffee next to a sandwich or doughnut. What they shouldn't try to do is take out the picture of the coffee cup and replace it with something completely unrelated, just because it is “cute” or “funny.” This will confuse the user, and he or she will be less likely to remain on the site and spend time navigating. Change your graphics and media images often, but stay consistent with your product or service.
  2. A popular form of graphic design is the flat design. This is an easy on the eyes art form that uses minimalist charms to draw the customer in. The minimalist effect makes it easy for the user to see what the website is about without having to click on multiple information links.
  3. The use of full screen background videos and images has become increasingly popular. This style uses an entire photo, or set of videos, to fit into the back ground. It draws the immediate attention of users, as it may clearly show them what the company offers or does. A gardening company may use a photo of a flower garden to not only catch the user’s eyes with the vibrant colors, but to also show that this is what they specialize in.
  4. Put emphasis on the title of the web page. A simple background, perhaps using a flat design, and large bold print, in a noticeable font is another type of design that is easy on the eyes - simple yet still has the ability to draw one’s interest.
  5. Ghost buttons are another type of design that is becoming increasingly popular. These are web page designs that are made to either be transparent in themselves, or have a completely transparent back ground. These types of designs go best with full screen background shots, assuming the text can easily be read.
  6. A business owner should always make sure that the text is legible, by using colors that contrast with one another. A web page that has a black and white background with white font will be much easier to read than a web page with a purple background and pink font. A good tip for one to follow is white letters surrounded by black can be read on any colored back ground.
  7. SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics are increasingly popular for the possible use of mobile devices. These graphics do not lose any of the quality if they are zoomed in on, or re-sized. Each of the factors of these graphics may be animated, and these images can be printed out at a high quality at any resolution.
  8. Use a well-known character or mascot in the branding and graphic design. Many companies may possibly have a mascot, such as Mario from Nintendo, or the Target Dog from Target. This is an image that people will see and will make them automatically think about the company. If one were to start a publishing company for children's books, for example, they may add a picture of a well-known character (with permission of course) to their logo, and in return, customers will see that character and think of their company.

By keeping the website constant and easy to read, a company can gain popularity rather quickly. The easier the website is to navigate, the more likely it is to have visitors as well. But you will have to use specific tools or hire a professional. Having a good website is one of the keys to creating a good image of one’s business and is one of the first steps in being successful in that business. Of course, “constant” does not mean never-changing. You will not want to change the navigation tools and the content (unless you are adding new products or services), but changing our graphic designs can be appealing to repeat visitors.

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