Creating Content That Sells Like Hot Cakes

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How To Create Content that Sells like Hot Cakes

Creating content that sells begins with establishing your content strategy. The way to do this is to define your ideal customer. That is the target audience for your content. Every piece of content that you produce should be created with that customer in mind. Where you publish that content should also be dependent on that prototypical customer. The second step in developing your content strategy is getting to know your ideal customer. This is not an area in which you want to try and make guesses. Missteps here can be embarrassing and damaging to your reputation. There is no substitute to market research when it comes to knowing your customers and understanding what it is that they want to see when it comes to content. You can work with a professional market research firm, or you can do your own research via polls and surveys.

Once you know your customer, you can determine the type of content that you want to develop. Here, you will combine your knowledge of your customer with your knowledge of the nature of your business to develop the most appropriate content. Here is an example to consider: If you are operating a car insurance company dedicated to younger and inexperienced drivers, your target customer probably enjoys content that is irreverent and funny. However, you must balance that with the fact that they are entrusting you with some serious things (e.g.: their car, their financial stability, and their ability to come out whole after a catastrophic event).

Content that Sells

Content that sells is either humorous, emotionally compelling, informative, or a combination of these three things. Content that ‘sells like hot cakes’ is usually heavy on visual elements, interactive in some way, and contains a call to action. Elements such as quizzes, surveys, videos, and slideshows are great ways to get people to consume your content and to visit your web page and your social media pages.

Creating your Content

One of the beautiful things about content marketing is that you can start slowly. There is no need to go all in by creating multiple types of content and placing it all over the internet. There is also no need to hire an expensive content management strategist when you are first beginning. Content marketing strategies can begin with the creation of something as simple as a blog on your existing website, or through a wordpress page. From there, you can create Youtube videos, increase your presence on Facebook and other social media websites. So, what should you create? That’s simple. You know your customers, create content that helps, entertains, and informs them. How to videos, funny stories, and personal anecdotes almost always go over well as content.

First Steps to Take to Publish Content

Okay, let’s say that you have created some content, and that you are ready to let the world see that content. What do you do next? Your best bet is to publish your content in a place where you have full control. This will be to your website, your blog site, or to any social media site where you have full rights. One example of this would be your YouTube channel. Then, your next step is to simply wait.

Is anybody liking or sharing your content?

Are page views going up and down?

Is your bounce rate staying the same, or better yet decreasing?

What kind of direct feedback, if any, are you receiving about your content?

You are guaranteed to have missteps when you first begin creating content that sells. However, if your first attempts at content marketing are in as controlled an environment as possible, you can tweak your approach. Then, when you are confident you can try more advanced techniques such as writing and publishing articles on the internet. Posting guest blogs and linking back to your own website, and more.

A Final Note on Content that Creates Sales

Good content is also reliable. The point of content is to build traffic and relationships. This is something that can only happen if your target audience can count on content from you on a regular basis. This means publishing content at regular and predictable intervals. This will build anticipation and expectation, and when you follow through, the result will be an engaged and interested consumer.

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