blog image 12.03.2018 Becoming a Great Student with Less Effort
If you are that student who works his/her butt off and still manages only to get average grades, you may feel some jealousy when you see others not working as hard as you and getting great grades. How does that happen?
blog image 01.02.2018 What is Better – Studying for Master`s Degree or Starting to Get Work Experience?
This is the question that most college seniors are asking themselves right now. And there is no universal answer to this question, for there are so many factors to consider when making such a choice.
blog image 18.01.2018 Eight Points to Consider When Choosing a College
Finding a college that is the best possible match is a challenging task. Most high school students spend a year or more researching colleges, going on campus visits, and speaking with admissions counselors, all to learn more about the schools they are considering.
blog image 20.12.2017 How to Correctly Structure Your Essay
Essay writing is both an art and a science. Even the most profound or insightful thoughts or opinions, expressed with great creativity (the art of essay writing), will fall flat if those essays lack solid structure (the science of essay writing). From start to finish, you should follow a very specific process, if you are going to produce an essay that is well organized, fluently written, and coherent.
blog image 19.12.2017 How to Nurture the Effective Leader that Dwells Within You
The expression, “S/he’s a born leader,” has had a lot of traction. We tend to think that leadership abilities are in-born, sort of like eye color - people either have the traits or not. While scientists tell us that certain personality traits are of “nature,” they also tell us that personalities are significantly influenced by “nature.”
blog image 18.12.2017 Content Marketing Strategies that Have a Proven Track Record
Many business owners and marketing professionals want to use content marketing. In most cases, it is because they are attracted to the organic nature of content marketing, along with the relatively low costs of planning and launching a content marketing campaign. Unfortunately, because there are so many strategies that fall under the umbrella of content marketing, it is difficult to determine which ones to select.
blog image 18.12.2017 5 Different Types of Essays – It’s All about Purpose
Loving or hating to write essays is really a moot point for students anyway, because they have to write, and by the time they reach college, essay assignments have permeated every single course.
blog image 14.12.2017 Higher Education in Great Britain – The Best Colleges and Universities
There are well over 100 accredited and recognized colleges and universities in the UK, and just like in all countries, there are several organizations that “rank” them, according to a number of factors...
blog image 29.11.2017 Writing the Persuasive Essay – Defending Your Position
You think cauliflower is the worst vegetable on the planet; you believe that the iguana is the ugliest animal.
blog image 08.11.2017 Writing a Dissertation is Easier Than You Think
There are a number of things you can do to make this next year or so easier, however, if you plan ahead and get help when you need it – I know because I have been there!
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