blog image 05.11.2017 Is there any Relationship Between Grades and Future Success
If you don't get good grades, you'll never get a good job. Teachers and parents have been uttering this phrase to their children for aeons. The question is, is it true? Do employers really care about a student’s grades?
blog image 02.10.2017 Useful Tips for Writing a Narrative Essay
“How in the world do you write a narrative essay?” this is a question a lot of college and high school students ask themselves once they are faced with this type of assignment. Fortunately, even though this can be a complex writing assignment, there are ways to make this writing assignment easier, and to ensure that the writer gets off to a good start.
blog image 13.09.2017 8 Ways to Use Graphic Design to Increase the Appeal of Your Business's Website
Creating a website is crucial to a business's ability to connect with the people of the world. However, this could easily go downhill by not keeping the web page updated and attractive. When looking at a web page, many wish to see a bit of color or something to attract their attention. The biggest turn offs for viewing a web page can either be that it is only a block of text, or that it could be much too busy.
blog image 06.08.2017 Good Summer Holidays Reads that Keep Your Mind Active
You are looking at a lengthy summer break or just looking at a few weeks of holiday “getaway.” You know you want to “veg” out and so you have plans to get into the sun, to party it up a bit, to eat fattening and “bad” foods, to drink a bit too much, and to love the time of no responsibilities. At some point, however, this all gets a bit “old,” you are putting on the pounds, and you’ve had one too many hangovers.
blog image 01.08.2017 Techniques for Grabbing Students’ Attention in the Classroom
It takes a lot to gain and hold the attention of students in the classroom today. Students are, most of all, quite “jaded” by their technology. Their smartphones can “take” them anywhere in the world; they are used to being “entertained” by their worlds of technology – video games, YouTube, etc.
blog image 18.07.2017 20 Ways Design Students can Earn Money and Gain Experience Freelancing
As a design student, you should be focused on developing the skills you will need to succeed as a professional designer, and gaining valuable experience. After all, don’t you want your resume to have the real world experience employers appreciate? Freelancing is a great way to do this. Not sure where to begin? AssignmentMountain is here to help.
blog image 16.06.2017 How To Structure A Dissertation
This guide is meant to provide doctoral candidates with an overview of how to structure a dissertation. It is important to note that individual institutions and departments within those institutions may have structural requirements that differ in small ways from the information that is presented here, but the general format is pretty universal.
blog image 25.05.2017 Have You Already Known the Winner in MyTopCollege?
For the second year in a row, Forbes Magazine is sponsoring its “My Top College Campaign. This campaign is a chance for students from colleges and universities all over the United States to state how their schools have uniquely helped them grow personally and professionally. So far this campaign, which is due to end on July 29, promises to exceed the number of posts through Twitter and Instagram that were received last year.
blog image 13.04.2017 Reaching Your Target Audience: A Brief Guide
If you want your marketing efforts to work, you must define a target audience. If you skip this step, you will end up marketing your products and services to people who are likely to never be interested in them. If you want to cast a wide net, you could define your target audience as anybody who would pay for your products and services.
blog image 19.03.2017 Creating Content That Sells Like Hot Cakes
Creating content that sells begins with establishing your content strategy. The way to do this is to define your ideal customer. That is the target audience for your content. Every piece of content that you produce should be created with that customer in mind. Where you publish that content should also be dependent on that prototypical customer.
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