What to Consider When Writing a Resume

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Searching for a job is something that happens to everybody. One could be a college graduate writing a first resume or a person searching for a new career opportunity later in life. Either way, as a job seeker, a resume is one of the most important tools used in getting the ideal job. Writing the ideal resume is a challenging task. It can be difficult to produce a resume that outshines those of other job seekers, and grabs the interest of the hiring manager. However, in spite of these challenges, it is possible to write a great resume. Here are a few resume writing tips that can ensure one has a leg up on the competition:

  • In the cover letter, the job seeker should be sure to mention how they became aware of the position. Let the hiring manager if the referral came from a friend or family member. It is especially important if the referral is a current employee of the company. That kind of recommendation is important and can increase the likelihood of getting the job.
  • Be detailed about the duties and responsibilities from previous jobs. This gives the recruiter or hiring manager a detailed picture of the job seekers capabilities, and what they did on a daily basis. As a job seeker, telling the recruiter what experience the past employers and educators were giving is an important part of a perfect resume. Make sure to mention all cross training and extra steps taken to help co-workers and customers alike.
  • Consider telling putting in what achievements were made while as an employee!  It shows that the job seeker has pride in their work, and employers love a person with good work ethic. Even small things, like “Completed project in record time” can be impressive. Recruiters love to see people who genuinely like to work and who are outgoing and prideful on paper.
  • Let your recruiter or hiring manager know how well you interacted with your former coworkers to know how former coworkers got along with and what kind of worker you are. Think about putting down a favorite coworker and a manager that liked your work style as references! It's always good to have coworkers as references!
  • Try and talk a little bit about both what the company you worked for before and your interest in what company you are giving your resume does! They want to know that if the job seeker will become an employee, they will know about your company to be able to satisfy the needs of the of customers, merchandisers, and coworkers.

           As a job seeker you are probably pretty concerned about having a bad resume. Here are a couple tips about the things to never do when writing a resume

  • Check and double check to make sure that the resume is free of all spelling and grammar mistakes. Because either is a headhunter or in house recruiter who are hiring, they will pay huge attention on accuracy. If one can't spell or communicate on paper, how is he or she going to do it on the job? After looking through the document, it is a good idea to have a close friend or relative look over the resume to make sure that there aren’t any spelling and grammar mistakes that have been missed, just to be safe!
  • Font and layout are a huge reason for a resume to be ignored by potential employer. Find a unique, professional template and use that. Font selection should always be Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri. Avoid comic sans, papyrus or other fonts that do not reflect professionalism.
  • Recruiters often look at the amount of enthusiasm within a resume. It is important to describe being a hard worker and a team player.

If an email address is included in the resume or cover letter, make sure that it is a professional sounding email address. Many people have email addresses that are based on hobbies, the names of pets or children, etc. Avoid using these email addresses. Instead, the job seeker should create an email address using some combination of their first and last names. It is also a good idea to use that email address solely for job seeking purposes.

Making a resume and even searching for a job can be hard task but, when you have good tips it makes it much easier. Some people don't understand that a good resume can make or break a job seekers interview opportunity.  Best wishes to all job seekers!

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