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Accounting, finance and investing, management and administration, organization and strategy, public policy, logistics, international business and commerce, entrepreneurship, ecommerce – all are areas for specialization in the general field of business. The goal of a graduate student in business is to produce a dissertation within a field specialty that will give him/her an edge in the competition for career employment, consulting, and or managing his/her own entrepreneurial endeavors. The entire field of business has undergone major changes in the past 2 decades, as technology, globalization, and Internet presences have taken hold. Almost any specific field will need to takes these newer phenomena into account.

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Choose the Best Topic For Your Business Dissertation

Business dissertations often take on a different approach, because many of them are case studies or analyses of theoretical applications to real world situations. There are some topics and titles in which quantitative analyses are completed, however, and you should think carefully about your topic of interest and you optional titles, in terms of whether they lend themselves better to case studies or to actual original quantitative research.

This guide will provide you with tools for how to structure a dissertation, no matter what type of research question you have selected. Even if you select one of the newer formats of a combination of related essays, you will still need to follow the guidelines that are here included for each of those essays.

Below you will find some sample dissertation titles which may get you thinking:

  • Finance: Strategies for Dynamic Risk Management – A Case Study of 3 Tech Startups
  • Investment Management: A Study of Comparative Behaviors of 2 Mutual Fund Managers Who are Highly Successful
  • Information System: The Impact of Technology on Production and Efficiency – A Case Study of a Major Grocery Store Chain
  • Operations Models of Game Theory in Supply-Chain Management (Cooperative and Non-Cooperative)
  • Management: A Study of the Relationship Between Meeting 4 Employee Emotional Need and Loyalty
  • Logistics: An Analysis of the Consequences of the Everyday Low Purchase Price Policy in a Supply Chain
  • Management: A Study of the Prevalence of E-mail Rudeness Within an Organization and Its Impact on Employee Morale
  • Global Outsourcing: A Case Study on Global Outsourcing Relationships Related to the Effects of Culture and Market Pressure on Success
  • Finance and Investment: A Study of Two Recent Conflicts Between Investors and Fund Managers on the Optimal Size of Hedge Funds
  • E-Commerce Virtual Empires: An Analysis of Recent Mergers and Acquisitions of E-Commerce Giants – 2 Case Studies

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  • Subject area Sociology
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  • Subject area Literature
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