Criminology Dissertation Titles

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Criminology: The scientific study of criminal activity, punishment and prevention of crime, along with causation (hereditary, environment, mental illness, substance abuse, etc.). Given this definition, there are political, economic, sociological, and psychological aspects all involved in this course of study.

The field is rich with possible areas for dissertation topics, although by the time you are ready for this project, you have probably already identified a narrower field for academic specialization, and that will influence your topic and research question.

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Criminology Dissertation Titles

Studies in this field will be both quantitative (statistics on crime are readily available) and qualitative, as researchers attempt to determine causation, successful prevention, motivation, and differentiated societal responses to crime and punishment.

As you begin to plan for your dissertation project, use this guide to assist you through every step of the process. You will find that following the step-by-step process laid out for you will make your production work much easier.

Below are typical dissertation titles that my assist you as you identify and refine your decision regarding general topic area and specific study:

  • Juvenile Crime: A Study of the Incidence of Social Pathology among Violent Juvenile Offenders.
  • Unequal Justice: A Quantitative Study of Comparative Court Dispositions Based Upon Socioeconomic Stats of the Accused and Convicted.
  • Prison Boot Camps: A Qualitative Analysis of Societal Re-Entry Success of Former Prisoners who Served Sentences in Boot Camps in the U.S.
  • Crime Prevention: A Comparative Quantitative Study of Recidivism Rates Among Criminals in Maximum Security Facilities
  • Police-Community Relations: A Study of the Efficacy of Reducing in Neighborhoods with On-Foot Patrols
  • White Collar Crime: A Qualitative Study of Public Perceptions and Desires for Criminal Sentencing of Convicted White Collar Criminals
  • Race-Crime Relationship: A Quantitative Study of Racial Composition of Crime Trajectories
  • Domestic Violence: A Quantitative Analysis of the Link Between Law Enforcement Culture and the Incidence of Domestic Violence in Police Households
  • Adolescent Delinquency: An Analysis of Tolerance of Adolescent Delinquency Based upon Race and Gender
  • Gun Control: A Comparative Analysis of Gun Violence Rates in the United States and 4 Western European Countries

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