We have created this disclaimer page in order to further clarify and in some cases go into more details about certain policies we have established. Please read this page thoroughly. It also contains certain policies that are quite important, but do not dovetail with our other policy pages.

Changes to Disclaimers or Other Policies

We reserve the right to make changes to the policies outlined here as well as the policies outlined elsewhere on our website. We may make these changes at any time without prior notification. In the event that changes are made, we will place a message on our website for a limited time. However, it is important to be aware that you are bound to our policies whether or not you are aware of any changes.

Important Notes About Our Order Form

Our order form was designed to enable customers to provide us with all of the details that we need. This includes instructions about the assignment, the type of assignment, grade level, citation format, and subject. It is imperative that this information be complete and as accurate as possible. If any mistakes or miscommunications are made, this could negatively impact the final product. Please inform us immediately if any instructions or other information needs to be revised.

Your Customer Account

Every customer will have a password protected account. This gives them access to their private customer portal. The portal is the location where students will interact with writers, check for status updates, upload or download materials, and make payments. It is the responsibility of each customer to ensure that their password is kept safe, and that they don’t allow anyone else to use their account.


We use cookies in order to ensure that our website functions properly, and that users have a great experience. Disabling cookies can result in issues in functionality. We strongly urge visitors to accept cookies from our website. These are solely for the purpose of ensuring that our site works as designed.

Authorized Use of Our Products

Once accepted and downloaded any documents we provide become the sole property of the customer. We do not make any claims of ownership or other rights at that point.  However, customers do agree that their use of products is limited to personal, academic, or business uses. Customers agree that they will not sell or trade any documents we provide for them to other businesses or individuals.

Refunds And Credits

Information about refunds and credits are outlined in our money back guarantee policy page. We encourage anyone using our services to read this page and familiarize themselves with the information contained therein.

Legal Use

The responsibility for determining legal use of our products and services is the sole responsibility of the consumer. Further, the consumer agrees that they will not use our services illegally, nor will they use our products in violation of civil or criminal law. We accept no liability for legal consequences that customers may face by using our products and services.

Questions And Comments

Questions and comments about any of our policies are always welcome. We will consider them and respond as quickly as possible. The best way to contact us about our policies is to communicate them with a customer service representative. They will know where to route your comments and concerns. We have customer support agents available by phone or online 24/7.

Cancelling Orders

Orders may be cancelled at any time for any reason. However, you may or may not be eligible for a refund or credit. For details about this, please refer to our money back guarantee page for information on prorating credits and refunds.


Customers may request revisions to final documents for any reason. However, there may be fees involved depending on the specifics of the request. There are also time limitations when it comes to requesting revisions. Please check our our revisions policy for more detail.

Contact Information

We store contact information such as email address and mobile phone number to ensure that we are able to contact customers. We will never disclose any contact information to third parties without prior consent or a court order.

It is extremely important that all contact information is accurate and up to date. If we are unable to contact you because your contact data is inaccurate, we are not responsible for any delays or inaccuracies. In addition to this, customers who have not updated their contact information may not request refunds, credits, or free revisions.

Payments And Payment Methods

Payment is due prior to services being rendered. If a change is made that results in additional fees, these must be covered prior to work continuing on an assignment. We accept the standard payment methods. This includes, debit and credit cards, PayPal, money transfer, and bank draft. We also accept customer credits as payment as well. Please contact customer service with any questions about making payment.

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