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There are two purposes for your dissertation title:

  1. To introduce the reader to your general topic area and to your focus within that topic area
  2. To provide a clear explanation of your study, so that when it is catalogued within the ProQuest System, another researcher in the field can know from the title whether your study has relevancy to what s/he plans to research.

Four components may be included in your title, depending upon your institution’s requirements and/or your own options, if that should be allowed.

  1. You highlight the purpose of the research
  2. You may include the context of your study
  3. You may include outcomes of your research
  4. You may include the research strategy you used.

This seems like a great deal to “stuff” into a title, but it can be accomplished if you know how to keep terminology simple and brief. Let’s have a look, then at each of the four components, so that you can formulate good dissertation titles.

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The Purpose of Your Research

In general, the purpose of your research includes the broad area of interest and the specific focus of your research within that broader area. Here are a couple of example dissertation titles that will aid your understanding:

  1. At-Risk Middle School Students: A Study of Differentiated Programming
  2. Youth Violence Prevention: A Study of The Ceasefire Model

The broader areas of interest (At-Risk Middle School Students and Youth Violence Prevention) are placed first, followed by a colon. The specific focus of your research is then listed.

Exception: Sometimes, especially when the dissertation involves a case study, the broader area of interest is not listed; rather, the focus is listed first, followed by the subjects of the study.

Example: Banking Ownership and Programs in Emerging Markets: Evidence from Indonesia and Malaysia

If there were a broader area of interest, it would be banking ownership and programs followed by “A study in emerging markets.” But this is not specific enough for the reader to have the proper information before determining its relevance to a study s/he may be conducting, because the subjects of the study are not named.

Adding Context

Context may or may not be added, dependent upon its importance for the reader. Thus, in the example of the case study title on banking, additional context is not necessary, because the reader knows that the study is of banks specifically in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Returning to the title on at-risk middle school students, however, context may indeed be important. The reader may need to know how long the study was conducted and the demographics of the middle school(s) and the youth population. Adding context to our two example dissertation titles would be as follows:

  • At-Risk Urban Middle School Students: A One-Year Study of Differentiated Programming
  • Youth Violence Prevention in Chicago: A Longitudinal Study of the Ceasefire Model

Adding Outcomes

While the title should never to the actual outcomes of a research study, it can, and often should, include what outcome is addressed. Going back to the first two dissertation title examples again, then, outcomes would be added as follows:

  • At-Risk Urban Middle School Students: A One-Year Study of the Impact of Differentiated Programming on Academic Performance
  • Youth Violence Prevention: A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of the Ceasefire Model on Crime Rates

The outcomes, then, are very clear. In the first example, the analysis will involve the academic records of the students; in the second, the analysis will involve the criminal records of the treatment population.

Adding Research Design/Approach

It may be important to inform the reader of the type of research approach or design you utilized. Was the analysis quantitative or qualitative? Did you use experimental and control groups or did you have a single sampling of a population?

A quantitative analysis is one that generates numerical data that can then be translated into statistics

A qualitative analysis collects data to provide reasons, opinions, etc. and involves such things as focus groups, surveys, interviews, etc.

This information can be provided through just a word or two, so here are some examples of dissertation titles that accomplish this:

  • At-Risk Urban Middle School Students: A One-Year Comparative Study of the Impact of Differentiated Programming on Academic Performance
  • Youth Violence Prevention: A Longitudinal Comparative Study of the Impact of the Ceasefire Model on Crime Rates in Chicago and Baltimore
  • The Affordable Care Act: A One-Year Study on the Perceived Benefits of the Law for Poor Urban Families

In the first two examples, the analysis will be quantitative, and the study will involve comparison of two sample populations. In the third example, the analysis will be qualitative, data having been gathered through some type of interview, survey, etc. No populations will form comparative groups for analysis.

Hopefully, these dissertation titles examples have provided you with an understanding of how you should formulate the wording of your title. Remember also as you create your dissertation title page, that your institution will have a required format, so be certain to review that before you create that page.

If you continue to struggle with your title, there are plenty of dissertation consultants at ProEssayService, each with Ph.D.’s in their fields, who are more than willing to help you.

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