Economics Dissertation Titles

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The field of economics is another that has witnessed huge changes in the past 2 decades. All sub-fields within this larger field, including microeconomics, macroeconomics, public policy, global trends and interconnectedness, entrepreneurship, mergers, currency trends, etc. must all now be addressed with new strategies that take into account technological innovations and an ever-increasing inter-dependency of economies all over the world. A financial crisis in one country can now impact economies throughout the world; a major drop in the stock market in one country means a drop everywhere else. And never before has international politics played such a huge role in national and global economies.

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Economics Dissertation Titles

If you have found your niche, that specific area that will be the subject of your graduate studies, your dissertation, and, perhaps your life’s work, than you are ready to plan for that culminating project. You may have your topic area and your title already. Translating that into an academically-sound dissertation, however, is quite something else. It is our hope that this compete digest of dissertation production will provide you with all of the information you need to create a work that will be readily approved and praised by your advisors and committees.

For those of you who have not yet chosen topic areas and title, here are some suggestions:

  • Crowdsourcing: Two Case Studies in the Use of Crowdsourcing to Fund Successful Startups – How Two Entrepreneurs “Sold” Their Ideas to Multiple Investors
  • Government Regulation: An Analysis of New Government Regulations Related to Mortgage Lending and the Methods By Which Lenders are Bypassing Them
  • Emerging From the 2008 Financial Crisis: A Comparative Analysis of the Use of Keynesian Economics to Recover from the Depression of the 1930’s with the Current Policies of Austerity. Which Works?
  • National Hourly Minimum Wage Laws: A Study of the Feasibility of Instituting Differentiated Minimum Wage Amounts Based upon Cost-of-Living by Regional Area
  • Investment Risks: An Analysis of the Benefits and Risks of Investing in Russia Industry
  • Floating Money Exchange Rates: A study of the Negative Impact of Speculation on Certain Currencies and the Potential Strategies and Laws that can Prevent Such Speculation
  • Product Bundling: A Study of the New Marketing Trend of Bundling and Its Impact on an Organization’s Profits – a Case Study in the Digital Communication Industry
  • Trickle-Down Economics: A Comparative analysis of the Success/Failure of Trickle-Down Economic Theory and Bottom-Up Economic Growth – Case Studies in Two U.S. States of Minnesota and Wisconsin

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