Human Geography Dissertation Titles

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Human geography has become such an important field of study because of the significant repercussions of human activity on our environments, along with the globalization of interactions and interrelationships among peoples all over the planet. How people interact with and respond to their environments will determine the future sustainability of our Earth; how we interact with one another will determine the future of our destinies to exist in cooperation or in conflict. From individual communities to global initiatives, people are recognizing the need to increase their responsibility to utilize natural resources but not abuse them, to engage in activities that will restore what has been destroyed, and to leave the planet cleaner and healthier for future generations. All of this has to be balanced, moreover, against human need for resources that may be in short supply, and public policy that impacts use of those resources.

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Human Geography Dissertation Titles

Both quantitative and qualitative dissertations topics, as well as research studies that incorporate both types of analyses. Whichever type of study you select, this guidance that you will receive from our manual will be of immeasurable assistance. If you follow each step in the process of chapter production, you will have fulfilled all of the requirements for a scholarly research project.

Below, we have listed some potential dissertation titles in the field of human geography in the hopes that one or more will get you to thinking about your own topic and title:

  • Gentrification: A Quantitative Study on the Effects of Gentrification on Native Residents of two Urban Areas in the U.S. and UK
  • Urbanization: An Analysis of Trends of Urbanization in Two Developing Countries (Ghana and Rwanda) and the Challenges for Infrastructure that Such Movement has Created
  • Urban Greening: A Study of the “Vacant Lot” Phenomenon in American Cities – a Model for Other Countries
  • Economic Geography: Poor Communities Tapping into Natural Resources for Sustenance: A Case Study of the Cement Industry in Chile
  • Heritage Tourism in China: Case Studies in 3 Villages of China that Have Turned Heritage Tourism into a Thriving Business that is Sustaining their Ways of Life
  • Our Threatened Oceans: A Quantitative Study of the Loss of Sea Life Due to Human Coral Reef Destruction off the Coast of Southern Japan
  • The Phenomenon of “Locally Grown”:  A Qualitative Study of the Commitment of One Community to Purchase Only Locally-Grown Agricultural and Meat Products – A Case Study
  • Financing Urbanization: Lessons to be Learned: A Case Study of the “Spatial Fix” Concept in Tangiers, Morocco
  • Natural Resource Consumption: A Comparative Study of Government Intervention to Regulate Consumption of Water During Scarcity – Case Studies in Okinawa and California
  • New Urban Trends: A Case Study on the Commitment to Informal Production in Urban Economies to Support Self-Sustaining Communities.

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