blog image 24.09.2020 Do You Talk to Yourself? You Might Just be a Genius
I talk to myself in quite a number of situations. Sometimes when I am cooking or driving, I replay conversations, saying out loud all of the things I wish I had said. Other times I rehearse conversations that I know I am going to have and I do that out loud.
blog image 25.09.2018 Tips and Hacks for Writing a Solid College Essay
While everyone writes some essays and research papers in high school, no one is really prepared for the amount of writing that is assigned in every single syllabus they get. The other major shock is the expectation for writing skills.
blog image 02.09.2018 Free Online Tools to Educate Yourself at Home
We are all learners to some degree throughout our lifetimes. Some of us get college degrees and then go back for more study at the graduate level later on; some of us begin college after we have been in the workforce for a while; some of us take a course here or there to add skills or to fulfill a desire to pursue a particular hobby or avocation.
blog image 29.08.2018 How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay – Refining the Topic is Critical
Every essay has a topic, of course. The cause/effect essay is not different, but the topic itself may result in three possible “refinements.” It is in these refinements that an organizational structure can be established, so that the final product is logical and coherent.
blog image 19.08.2018 Professional Dissertation Samples – They Can Help
A dissertation is a major piece of research and writing, whether it is being written as the culminating project for your university degree or post-graduate studies. Because of its importance, you obviously want to get it right, which involves several aspects.
blog image 19.08.2018 3 Tips on Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay
At some point, while in college or high school, you may be assigned to write a compare and contrast essay. The first thing that will be helpful in doing this is to know the differences between a compare essay and contrast essay. A compare essay explains how two items are different, while a contrast essay explains the emphasized differences rather than the similarities.
blog image 12.08.2018 What to Consider When Writing a Resume
Searching for a job is something that happens to everybody. One could be a college graduate writing a first resume or a person searching for a new career opportunity later in life. Either way, as a job seeker, a resume is one of the most important tools used in getting the ideal job. Writing the ideal resume is a challenging task. It can be difficult to produce a resume that outshines those of other job seekers, and grabs the interest of the hiring manager.
blog image 01.06.2018 The Most Popular Topics for Essays
Part of any college application process will include one or more essays, with prompts. Students must respond to one or more of these prompts (there are usually options) and produce essays that are highly engaging, compelling, and creative, in order to stand out among the huge number of essays submitted by their competitors.
blog image 19.05.2018 8 Ways to Use Social Media to Develop Your Business
Recently the worlds of social media and business have started to coexist with one another. From gaining connections with business owners through the media, to the simple Facebook page or YouTube video, it seems that it is nearly impossible for a business to exist without the use of social media. The use of social media not only increases the number of new customers, but it also allows one to gain trust from possible future customers.
blog image 25.04.2018 How to Write a Descriptive Essay
You’ve probably had these essay assignments before. You may have had to write a character analysis for a book review; you may have had to write an essay on your most frightening experience or your happiest Christmas.
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