blog image 19.08.2018 Professional Dissertation Samples – They Can Help
A dissertation is a major piece of research and writing, whether it is being written as the culminating project for your university degree or post-graduate studies. Because of its importance, you obviously want to get it right, which involves several aspects.
blog image 19.08.2018 3 Tips on Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay
At some point, while in college or high school, you may be assigned to write a compare and contrast essay. The first thing that will be helpful in doing this is to know the differences between a compare essay and contrast essay. A compare essay explains how two items are different, while a contrast essay explains the emphasized differences rather than the similarities.
blog image 25.04.2018 How to Write a Descriptive Essay
You’ve probably had these essay assignments before. You may have had to write a character analysis for a book review; you may have had to write an essay on your most frightening experience or your happiest Christmas.
blog image 20.12.2017 How to Correctly Structure Your Essay
Essay writing is both an art and a science. Even the most profound or insightful thoughts or opinions, expressed with great creativity (the art of essay writing), will fall flat if those essays lack solid structure (the science of essay writing). From start to finish, you should follow a very specific process, if you are going to produce an essay that is well organized, fluently written, and coherent.
blog image 02.10.2017 Useful Tips for Writing a Narrative Essay
“How in the world do you write a narrative essay?” this is a question a lot of college and high school students ask themselves once they are faced with this type of assignment. Fortunately, even though this can be a complex writing assignment, there are ways to make this writing assignment easier, and to ensure that the writer gets off to a good start.
blog image 16.06.2017 How To Structure A Dissertation
This guide is meant to provide doctoral candidates with an overview of how to structure a dissertation. It is important to note that individual institutions and departments within those institutions may have structural requirements that differ in small ways from the information that is presented here, but the general format is pretty universal.
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