Frequently Asked Questions

Everyday we receive a variety of insightful questions from our customers. However, we do receive many of the same inquiries over and over again. This is great, because it helps us to identify the information customers are most interested in. It also gives us the opportunity to pinpoint the most frequently asked questions that customers  have. We have done just that, and those questions and answers are posted below.

If you don’t see the answer to your question on this page, don’t worry. Just contact customer service  using our online chat feature or by phone. They will be happy to find the answer that you need.

General Questions
  • What Services do You Offer?

    We offer a variety of writing services. Here is a partial list. If you would like to see all of the services we offer, please refer to the services pages on our website.

    • Term Papers

    • Essays

    • Research Paper

    • College Admissions Essays

    • Research Proposals

    • Book Reviews and Reports

    • Movie Reviews

    • Case Studies

    • Proposals

    • Business Plans

    • Lab Reports

    • Resumes

    • Copywriting

    • Scholarship Essays

    • Personal Statements

    • Thesis And Dissertation Services

    In addition to writing from scratch, we also offer editing, proofreading, rewriting, and formatting services.

  • How Are Your Writers Qualified?

    We have an intensive vetting system we use to ensure that only the best and brightest writers make it onto our team. First, we verify that they are a college graduate. Further, we ensure that they have a degree from an accredited school in an English speaking country, or a school that is affiliated with a college or university in an English speaking country.

    In addition to this, writers must be native English speakers. Preference is given to writers with advanced degrees. Once they pass our initial screening, they must take a research and writing test. Then, they are enrolled in our training program. There they work with more seasoned writers until we determine they are ready to work independently.

  • What Forms of Payment do You Accept

    We are able to accept several different forms of payment. You may pay using PayPal, your debit or credit card, bank draft, or money transfer. As various payment apps become more popular, we will investigate expanding the options that we make available to you.

  • Which Countries Will You Help Students in?

    We help students from all over the world. In fact, many of our clients are ESL students. If you need help with writing assignments, please contact us no matter where you are located.

  • Are Discounts Available?

    Yes! We are happy to offer discounts for large orders, customer loyalty, and referrals. In addition to these standard discount programs, we also have special offers that we make available throughout the year. These include holiday discount programs, special sales events, end of term specials, and other programs. Check in frequently, we will nearly always have some discount that you can use.

  • Why Are Your Prices so High?

    Well, we prefer to think of our prices as being reasonably competitive. However, we are very aware that many writing companies charge significantly less money than we do. Unfortunately, this is a business where you do get what you pay for. Here, you are paying for original, high quality writing completed by exceptional writers. Because we hire the best, we must pay wages accordingly. You might cringe out our prices, but think about this. How much quality can you expect if your writer is only making a couple of dollars an hour?

  • Do You Only Help Students?

    While the majority of our customers are college students, we are happy to help virtually anyone with a tough writing task in front of them. We are happy to help business professionals with their writing needs. We also have writers who are qualified to help job seekers with their resumes or CV. Guarantees
  • What if I am Not Satisfied?

    If you are not satisfied with the final product you can let us know right away. We are happy to revise your paper for any reason. In many cases, the revision will be free of charge. Our revision policy page goes into full detail on both free and paid revisions. We always want you to walk away from every experience with us completely satisfied.

  • Will You Sell my Personal Information to Marketers?

    Absolutely not. Our policies strictly forbid this practice. We are much more interested in forming long term business relationships with our customers than making a few dollars selling mailing lists. We will never provide your information to anyone else without your express consent.

  • Is it Possible to Get Into Trouble For Using Services From Essay Pro?

    We are not aware of any way that you can get into legal trouble for using our services.  However, it is up to each customer to determine that for themselves. However, you should be aware that it is possible that you will receive academic penalties if you allow your instructor to find out that you are using writing services. Of course, the only way this would ever happen is if you were to tell them.

    Remember that you are the owner of any paper that you receive from us. It is technically yours, and should be treated as such.

  • What About Safety And Privacy

    You are completely safe using our website and placing an order with us. All of our servers are protected by antivirus software as well as firewalls to keep out intruders. We have hired an IT security firm to conduct audits, and ensure that security is tight and your information is safe. When it comes to making payment, you are also safe. All payment processing that involves bank account information or credit and debit card information is processed using a third party, financial services provider. They use SSL and other encryption protocols to ensure that your data is safe. We do not store your financial data on our system.

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