8 Ways to Use Social Media to Develop Your Business

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Recently the worlds of social media and business have started to coexist with one another. From gaining connections with business owners through the media, to the simple Facebook page or YouTube video, it seems that it is nearly impossible for a business to exist without the use of social media. The use of social media not only increases the number of new customers, but it also allows one to gain trust from possible future customers.

  1. Before entering the world of social media, one must have a clear plan of action. He or she must know why there is a need to enter the social media market - whether it is to find new customers or associates, or drive traffic to their website.
  2. Business owners should start by building a social media account for their businesses, such as Twitter. Twitter is a fairly new platform in which you blog short sentences, better known as tweets. By doing this in a catchy and engaging way, and thus gaining followers, a person will be able to dole out simple “teasers” or special offers in as little as 140 characters. One should always join conversations that are directly related to the product or service he or she sells. If someone posts a tweet about their computer not opening the CD drive properly, for example, then a business in the area that repairs computers may post an offer to fix it. This may result in the person having the issue to call the business and of course that relationship is developed.
  3. Join or participate in the LinkedIn. By joining related business niche groups, a business owner may connect with those who will provide referrals. By going to the search engine that is used specifically through the website, one will be able to search the groups, as well as use the filters, to be able to easily find and join groups in which they may have the highest interest.
  4. Sharing one’s views on events. When owning a business, attending convention or conferences is crucial to a business’s well-being. Using social media to share highlights from the event may attract those who were unable to attend the event, but who are still interested in the details of the event. If a business owner is using twitter, another good idea is to compress the tweets into a blog like post, to upload on the web page later. This will allow users that do not have a twitter account to easily access the information one posts on twitter through another form of social media. Again, using Twitter to post “teasers” with a link to one’s site, will draw in traffic. And traffic can always be an opportunity to convert visitors into customers. You also have to keep in mind to promote your own event.
  5. One may use social media video tools in order to interview those that are interested in working for them. Skype, being one of the most popular video chat applications, allows an individual to speak to others wherever there may be a Wi-Fi signal. This is useful due to the fact that there are times in which the business owner cannot meet the interviewee in person.
  6. A business owner should always attempt to engage with their existing followers. Whether it is simply responding to a message or commenting on forums or writing a blog about their business, this allows potential customers to develop trust in the business owner. Setting up a comment feature on one’s business blog, for example, allows questions and conversations.
  7. Build a Facebook page. Facebook, being one of the most highly used forms of social media, is something many people use to gain connections with those living anywhere. By creating a Facebook page for a business, one can start sending out word of mouth campaigns in order to attract people. It also allows one to gain social contacts, to engage these social contacts, to refer these contacts to their blog for helpful information, etc. Any communication and conversation that promotes the business owner as an “expert” in his or her field will be good for business. When a person is in need of the product or service offered by someone with whom he or she has been communicating, the sale is essentially made.
  8. Always provide a value, and use social media to promote that value. One may offer special deals, a free e-guide, or a coupon via Facebook or Twitter. As well, be a bit creative. Offer a special pricing if a potential customer mentions you on his/her Facebook page. Run a quiz or a survey on your Facebook page. People love to take these and will share them with all of their friends. This promotes business brand recognition.

Social media is a must for businesses to survive and thrive. Success is now heavily based on gaining relationships with future customers and employees as early as possible, maintaining those relationships, and ultimately converting followers into site visitors and site visitors into customers.

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